Image: Gibraltar Skull Homo neanderthalensis front

Gibraltar Skull Homo neanderthalensis front

Cast of the Gibraltar Skull, discovered in 1848 in Forbe’s Quarry, Rock of Gibraltar. This was the first Neanderthal skull ever found. Its significance was not realised until 1864, after the discovery and publication of another Neanderthal skull discovered in the Neander Valley in Germany in 1856. Unfortunately, the exact provenance of the Gibraltar skull is uncertain so it has yet to be accurately dated. The skull is one of the best-preserved Neanderthal crania found and is probably a female.

Carl Bento
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A second Neanderthal was excavated from a rock shelter known as Devil’s Tower, also on the North Face of the Rock, in 1926. The remains were of a four-year old child.

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