Image: Ghost Crab Eating Butterfly - Wendy Broekx

Ghost Crab Eating Butterfly - Wendy Broekx

Ghost Crabs really are busy little “housekeepers of the beach” as they usually feed off microscopic material and this cleans the sand. They are extremely well camouflaged and very swift footed, able to dart this way and that to make hasty retreats to their burrows. Lying in the sand at Alexandria Bay in Australia I waited for over an hour for this shy little fellow to build up enough courage to come out of his burrow to feed on the butterfly he had collected earlier that morning – a huge meal! Watching me very carefully he would move an inch then wait, another inch then wait, until finally he was completely out of his burrow. But not for long! He had a few mouthfuls before quickly retreating back to his

Wendy Broekx
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