Image: Galapagos shark

Galapagos shark

Galapagos sharks are common in the Kermadec Islands Marine reserve where fishing has been banned for many years.

Malcolm Francis
© Malcolm Francis

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Mark McGrouther - 8.06 AM, 27 June 2011

Hi Jen,  It has taken me a while, but I have finally added a factsheet for this species.

Mark McGrouther - 1.05 PM, 06 May 2011

Hi Jen, Yes, it's a great shot.  I think we will be seeing plenty of Galapagos Sharks during the Kermadec Islands expedition.  As for the factsheet - alas, there isn't one on the site ... yet.  I'm heading off tomorrow so can't add it right away, but will do so after I return to work in early June.

Jen Cork - 11.05 AM, 06 May 2011
Wow! What a fantastic image. Is there a factsheet for this species on the website? Very interested to know more.

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