Image: FLW 2012 Winner, Open: Joseph (front)

FLW 2012 Winner, Open: Joseph (front)

Olive Mashett models an outifit created by Joseph Mashett for the Fashion Less Waste 2012: Deep Oceans design competition.


Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Joseph Mashett is from the Northern Rivers area, and is a student of Kingscliffe Campus, TAFE NSW. His daughter Olive Mashett models this design, titled ‘Paco Remote’. Joseph has taken apart TV remote controls, and attached the parts by cable ties to a gown from a thrift shop. The outer casings were painted and arrayed over the lower gown. Over the upper gown, you can see the inner rubber pads and circuitry of the remotes. Joseph was inspired by those nudibranchs that are covered in protuberances. His message is that TV media have a responsibility to inspire and to educate about our natural world. The headpiece is made to resemble a satellite dish, and gives the overall outfit a shape like that of a deep sea acorn worm. It’s made from wire mesh, garden hose, bubble wrap, cable ties and LED lights. The earrings and bracelet are made from pieces cut from a PC board.


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