Image: FLW 2012 Finalist, Open: Tito (front)

FLW 2012 Finalist, Open: Tito (front)

Mary Greatz models the outfit created by Tito Stowers for the Fashion Less Waste 2012: Deep Oceans design competition.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Tito Stowers from Sydney is next. Mary Greatz models his design, titled ‘Octopus – Queen of the Sea’. See the eight arm-like features at the back, made of strips of foam covered in tapa cloth, a material made from tree bark in Polynesian culture. A plastic coconut shell is placed in the centre, to represent an octopus head. Nylon rope and natural and plastic raffias were woven into thick strands, for use in the dress and headpiece. The various earthy colours reference how an octopus can blend in with its ocean floor surrounds. The large and elaborate headpiece conveys how, for Tito, the Octopus is a queen. It is made from a cardboard box covered with tapa cloth, and adorned with plastic coconut shells and feathers. Glue was used to bind various elements together. Mother of pearl shells were included to symbolise a harmony of sea creatures living together.

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