Image: FLW 2012: Finalist, Open: Marnie (front)

FLW 2012: Finalist, Open: Marnie (front)

Jenna Cook models the outfit created by Marnie Barczak for the Fashion Less Waste 2012: Deep Oceans design competition.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


To begin the Open category, is Marnie Barczak from Melbourne, a graduate of RMIT. Jenna Cook models this design, titled ‘Alabaster Armour’. Marnie’s prime inspiration was a deep sea sponge called Venus’ Flower Basket. She set out to emulate its silhouette, inner geometries and textures. The dress base is sewn from a non-slip rubber floor mat. The vest sides and the dropping, feather-like strands are made from woven industrial bin bags. The hat base was made from clear plastic placemats. On top, Marnie used embroidery mesh. Its grid-like patterning reminded her of the sea sponge. Remnants of it were cut in jigsaw-like shapes and locked together. In devising the shape, Marnie was thinking of the Alabaster Nudibranch, with its body of peaks and troughs, and also of seahorses – of the coronets at the top of their heads. Cotton voile, thread and glue were used along the way. That neon pink trim is nylon bricklayers cord.

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