Image: FLW 2012 Finalist, Open: Anne (front)

FLW 2012 Finalist, Open: Anne (front)

Blanche Hortense models the outfit created by Anne Hortense for the Fashion Less Waste 2012: Deep Oceans design competition.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Anne Hortense is from the Blue Mountains. Her daughter, Blanche Hortense, models this design titled ‘Beauty Beneath’. A fabric storage system was taken apart for the red fabric of the dress base and for Velcro. With a Giant Squid in mind, Anne made ten long, wide tentacle-like features from netting orange bags. The suction pad details are sewn in slices of foam packing. For the cape, Anne used red and black umbrellas and net onion bags. The cape buttons were made to resemble squid eyes, using foam earphone covers, plastic cup bases and netting orange bags. The cape and stand-up collar are in honour of Dracula and of the Vampire Squid. The collar and hat base are made of fly screen and bird netting. The sequins and hat jewel are pieces cut from meat trays. The white veil is made of garlic bags. The rolls on the hat and shoulders are made of pillow stuffing, red umbrella fabric and strips of fly screen.

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