Image: FLW 2011 Winner, Open: Stephanie

FLW 2011 Winner, Open: Stephanie

Nicola Jacobsen models the winning entry of Stephanie Powell from Sydney.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


This untitled design by Stephanie Powell from Sydney, is modelled by Nicola Jacobsen. The overall shape of this jacket is bird-like, an effect achieved by the longer back, the pleated paper and cardboard in the inner layers, and the good volume of plastic bags tucked under the skirt at the back. The material of the collar and sleeves, and of the panels lower down is miracle grip, a material usually used under rugs to stop them slipping. It has a patterning that’s reminiscent of the shapes within a feather. The outer layer is made from strips of a straw-like material that has been sewn together and shredded at the lower hem. Shredded, it looks like the fine, fluffy plumes of some birds of paradise. Like some birds of paradise, Stephanie’s outfit is mainly plain in colour, but has an area of outlandish colour, here the red of a folded cardboard hat.



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