Image: FLW 2011 Runner-up, Secondary School: Mia & Christine (back)

FLW 2011 Runner-up, Secondary School: Mia & Christine (back)

Mia McNeill wears the runner-up entry which she made with Christine Trinh. Mia and Christine are students of Kincoppal Rose Bay in Sydney.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


The duo Mia McNeill & Christine Trinh from Kincoppal Rose Bay in Sydney have created this design, titled ‘Flying Paradise’. As Mia models, note the record on black elastic on her head, and the black belt of vinyl and flyscreen, included because the birds of paradise often have some black plumage. A clear plastic drop sheet was made into a bubble skirt and filled with raffia. It is intended to look like a comfortable nest. Styrofoam strips stiffened with garden wire spray from the shoe-laced back of the belt. They are attached with Velcro, and portray plumage fanning in a range of directions, behind or to the side. Birds with flank plumage like the Raggiana Bird of Paradise were an influence here, as was the tail of the Ribbon-tailed Astrapia Bird of Paradise. The styrofoam and raffia are spray painted to represent a variety of colours from the bird of paradise family. For harmony, a rug in matching colours was used above the belt, and some raffia was put on the record.

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