Image: FLW 2011 Runner-up & Best Hat, Open: Cody

FLW 2011 Runner-up & Best Hat, Open: Cody

Brogane Clayton models this design by Cody Winward, a student of the Institute of Design in Ulladulla, NSW. Cody's entry obtained runner up and the best accessory hat award in the Open category.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Cody Winward studies at the Institute of Design at Ulladulla in the Shoalhaven region of NSW. Brogane Clayton models her design, ‘the empowerment of encased eccentricity’. The outer layers have the earthy colouring of the females of many bird of paradise species. A calico painter’s tarp is visible on the upper jacket. It is more common in this design as a base material. Hessian covers the braces, belt and shoe decoration, and makes the feathery surface of the lower jacket, along with tea bags coloured by dirt. Sewing was done with dental floss or strands of hessian. The feathery drops at the back were made from heat-fused plastic bags and attached with tape. Cody also included some ‘encased beauty’ – colourful features to be revealed. Spot the blue camisole made from a scourer, and the blue painters tarp which lines the jacket and forms feathery drops underneath it, some to just below the hem. On top is a hat that Cody made from cardboard, covered with aluminium foil and hessian, and topped with a stick, and some snippets of tarp and plastic.

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