Image: FLW 2011 Finalist, Secondary School: Michelle (side)

FLW 2011 Finalist, Secondary School: Michelle (side)

Michelle Patricia from Alfred Deakin High School in the ACT models her finalist entry.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Michelle Patricia is another student from Alfred Deakin HS in Canberra. Michelle is modelling her untitled design that is made almost entirely from newspaper. She first made the base of this dress from newspaper, with tape and velcro. Then she folded other pieces of newspaper into individual feather shapes. Her particular inspiration was the male Raggiana Bird of Paradise, which is why she chose to spray paint those feathers a russet red. Using tape, these feathers were arranged onto a headband to create a headpiece, and layered onto the skirt. Note the hemline which aims to imitate the shape of the lower edge of a bird’s wing when it is open. The bodice between the areas of red was spray painted black, to emphasise those feature areas of red.

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