Image: FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Paula

FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Paula

Farah Supandi models the finalist entry of Paula Yosephine from Sydney.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Our last designer this evening is Paula Yosephine from Sydney. Her design is titled ‘Paradise Beauty’ and is modelled by Farah Supandi. For this dress, Paula sewed plastic bags together, layering and gathering as she went. At the skirt front, she used yellow bags for inner layers, and white bags for outer layers. Her dress is in homage to the male Lesser Bird of Paradise. This bird has long, full flank plumage that is yellow close to the body, and fades away into white. On the bodice, there is a delicate portrait of this bird. Egg shells were broken and painted in striking green and yellow and orange, and glued to the bodice. Note too the red representation of a wing on her shoulder. A wing-shaped piece of a cereal box, was layered with feather-shaped pieces of lolly wrappers. More than simply depict her inspiration, Paula has recombined its various colours and some of its shapes.


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