Image: FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Natalie

FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Natalie

Tahnee Sommerfeld wears the finalist entry of Natalie Sommerfeld. The sisters are from the Gold Coast region of QLD.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Natalie Sommerfeld’s design is modelled by her sister, Tahnee Sommerfeld. The sisters come from the Gold Coast region of QLD, and Natalie has used materials which are characteristic of refuse in this area. See the breast panels cut from blue neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber often used in wetsuits and drink coolers. Natalie found this neoprene discarded at a dock, along with some blue fishing net. She stitched this fishing net and some black flyscreen into box shapes, and arranged them in a skirt. With all that lovely blue, it’s not hard to guess Natalie’s inspiration and the title of her design – the Blue Bird of Paradise. Strips of black neoprene were stitched end-to-end, for a head-piece which refers to the bird’s black tail feathers, which are long and ribbon-like.


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