Image: FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Judith (back)

FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Judith (back)

Emily Nisbit wears the finalist entry of Judith Mewburn from the Shoalhaven region of NSW.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Judith Mewburn from the Shoalhaven region of NSW is next, with a design modelled by Emily Nesbit. Judith knitted this top and hat from newspaper. Strips of it were cut, folded and twisted into a yarn, and knitted by stocking stitch. It’s a soft cover that’s close fitting and evenly patterned, for a feathered effect. The design is called ‘Raggiana’, in homage to the Raggiana Bird of Paradise. The lavish neckline made from strips of newspapers with orange hues and the orange pants can feature strongly beside the knitted newspaper. The pants are made from a rice hull bag from Judith’s farm. The black markings were placed on the back, to reference the black tail wires that extend from this bird. For more eye-catching decoration, Judith made beads from magazines and PVA glue, and strung them on dental floss with other beads. The yellow and green hat decoration was made from discarded bags.

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