Image: FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Amelia

FLW 2011 Finalist, Open: Amelia

Emma Reece wears the finalist entry of Amelia Hermawan, a student of the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Melbourne.

Stuart Humphreys
© Australian Museum


Amelia Hermawan from Melbourne is our next designer. Amelia is a student of the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Emma Reece models this creation, titled ‘paper plumage’. The skirt is longer at the back, to reference the long flank plumage that extends behind many birds of paradise. A feathered effect was created by evenly covering the dress with folded, down-pointing triangles of the newspaper MX. Amelia was enamoured by the male Magnificent Bird of Paradise. Amelia wanted the pearlescent green of its breast and gold of its back to be the colour-palette for this creation. To achieve this, Amelia used krylon eco-friendly latex spray paint, first in a misting of green, then of gold. On the inside of the skirt we can glimpse the base of this dress, which was sewn from an old green bed sheet, and in the process zippered, fused and boned.

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