Image: Flute, Fiji E51032

Flute, Fiji E51032

Local name: dulali, bituceguvi

Provenance: Fiji, Melanesia, Pacific

This bamboo nose flute has the typical geometric pokerwork decoration; however, it also has the words 'veiyalayalati vou jis' inscribed on it which probably translates to 'New Testament Jesus'. The flute was donated in 1944 by Miss Harriet Baker, one of two daughters of the Reverend Thomas Baker. Rev. Baker, a Methodist missionary, was killed and eaten by the villagers of Nabutautau on Viti Levu.

Description: cylindrical, bamboo nose flute closed at both ends by means of natural nodes; fine, detailed and varied, mostly geometric, dark brown pokerwork decoration over entire surface; eight holes: five evenly spaced and aligned along surface, three around centre of flute.

Length: 54cm

Emma Furno
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