Image: Female shiny mole cricket

Female shiny mole cricket

Female mole cricket Gryllotalpa nitidula

David Britton
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Wedderburn, NSW

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nicka4 - 1.04 PM, 11 April 2011
Thanks Dave, in that case is was a Mole Cricket as it landed several times so I could take a good look. I suppose it must have been the at it's maximum size as it appeared bigger than 4cms. As for seeking damper soil, our male moved from a dry border to the soil around our water feature where the soil gets splashed with water. We love the sound he makes, fantastic.
David Britton - 10.04 AM, 11 April 2011

Hi Nick,

Sandgropers (Family: Cylindrachetidae) do not have wings, so it would have had to have been either a female mole cricket, or another insect altogether.

nicka4 - 12.04 PM, 10 April 2011
A great addition to the garden. Does anyone know if the sand groper can fly? It was either a mole cricket or a sand groper flying in my shed that had me a little alarmed at the size!

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