Image: 'Faye', a large female White Shark near the surface

'Faye', a large female White Shark near the surface

'Faye', a large female White Shark near the surface at the Neptune Islands, South Australia, August, 2006.

Michelle Yerman
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Amanda Hay - 10.03 AM, 11 March 2011

It's great to hear from you Rachel, we value input from experts and amateurs alike.  I enjoyed reading about the research you guys are doing and supporting through the Fox Shark Research Foundation.

Mark McGrouther - 10.03 PM, 10 March 2011

Hi Rachel.  Thank you so much for your informative comment.  I will follow the progress of the project conducted by the Fox Shark Research Foundation with great interest.  Please keep us up to date with developements!

rachelrobbins - 1.03 PM, 10 March 2011
This is a picture of a shark called Faye who was around at the Neptunes in 2006. She had some very significant damage from what looks to be a hook, or other object being stuck in her mouth. She has a pronounced scar that makes her look like she is grinning, and had some other injuries consistent with being caught. Here at the Fox Shark Research Foundation, we have a number of photos of fisheries interaction injuries, as well as sharks caught in ropes, plastic strapping etc. (see related pics on this site or visit We are underway with a study to analyse the last 10 years worth of photos we have for human-inflicted injuries in white sharks and their wound healing ability.

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