Image: Family Charm

Family Charm

'Family Charm' by Anneliese Kirk. This design was the secondary school highly commended entry in the Australian Museums Design Like An Egyptian - Jewellery Design Competition.

© Annaliese Kirk


Designers Description
This piece of jewellery would be worn by each of my immediate family members. Shen would give luck for a long life, same with Ankh. The feather of Maat would bring peace. Rekhyt represents the large size of my family (with hearts representing each family member). Shenu would hold the wearer's name. Shenu would protect the wearer. Menhed would bring intelligence to the wearer. The colours I have chosen for this piece are blue, green and gold. Blue was made with azurite and represents the heavens and youth. Green was made with copper or by grinding up malachite. This colour represents eternal life, prosperity and resurrection. Gold represents the sun and was considered a divine metal as it never tarnished. I used these colours in such a way that they represented certain things with their spirituality.

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