Image: False-eyed Wrasse from the Solomon Islands

False-eyed Wrasse from the Solomon Islands

A 3 cm long juvenile False-eyed Wrasse, Halichoeres biocellatus, collected in the Reef Island Group, Solomon Islands in 1998.

Jeff Williams
© Jeff Williams


The  False-eyed Wrasse has two distinctive ocelli (ringed spots) in the dorsal fin, hence the species name.

As is the case with many species of wrasses, the juvenile False-eyed Wrasse has a different colour pattern from that of the adults. The mature female retains the ocelli and has stripes anteriorly which break up into spots posteriorly. The mature male loses the ocelli, has three pale bars posteriorly and a U-shaped mark on the caudal peduncle (tail base).

The species has also been called the Biocellate Wrasse.

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