Image: Examining a dead Queensland Groper

Examining a dead Queensland Groper

Booderee National Park Rangers T. Carter and G. Campbell measuring and taking muscle samples from a 1.95 m long Queensland Groper on Bherwerre Beach, New South Wales, June 2002.

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The Queensland Groper is found primarily in tropical waters throughout the Indo-Pacific. There are records however of this species occurring in temperate waters. Kailola and Jones (see below) recorded a fresh Queensland Groper washed ashore in the Coorong, South Australia.
The fish in the images was found on Bherwerre Beach, Wreck, Bay, New South Wales in June 2002. This is well south of its 'normal' distribution. Bherwerre Beach lies within Booderee National Park which is an Australian Aboriginal owned, and jointly managed National Park.
National Parks rangers photographed and measured the fish (195 cm length, 58 cm depth, 34 cm pectoral fin length). They also took muscle samples that are now fixed in alcohol and are registered in the Australian Museum Fish Research Collection.
Kailola, P.J. & G.K. Jones. 1981. First record of Pomicrops lanceolatus (Bloch) (Pisces: Serranidae) in South Australian waters. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia. 105 (3,4): 211-212.

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