Image: Erik Schlögl

Erik Schlögl

Erik Schlögl underwater at Montague Island, New South Wales.

M. Abbott
© Erik Schlögl


From the moment I started diving, I knew I wanted to capture what I see underwater on film - I actually bought a Nikonos V before getting my open water certification and was taking pictures on the last dive of my open water course. Nowadays I use a Nikon D300s in a Seacam housing, with various lenses. For fish photography, I use a 24 mm for full body shots of large fish or schools of fish, and both a 60 mm macro and a 105 mm macro for smaller fish and fish portraits. Those photos that I consider to be a bit more “artistic” – which is a matter of opinion, I suppose – can be found at my website.

I am a member of the Underwater Research Group of New South Wales, a non-commercial dive club dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of marine life. We have been involved in various research projects, in particular biodiversity surveys in Port Hacking and Port Jackson.

When not diving I lecture in finance at the University of Technology, Sydney.


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