Image: Elizabeth Hansen and Morgan Bedford

Elizabeth Hansen and Morgan Bedford

Liz Hansen and Morgan Bedford in the Spirit House, March 2006.

Mark McGrouther
© Australian Museum


Specimens in the Australian Museum Fish Collection have been stored in a range of different containers, including vials, jars, drums and tanks. One type of glass jar that was used for many years was the Vacola preserving jar. This jar is sealed by clipping a metal lid over a rubber o-ring.

Over time, many of the rubber o-rings have perished (making the jars very difficult to open) or worse still, begun to leach black pigment into the alcohol resulting in the fishes becoming stained.

Money was allocated in the 2005 budget to purchase many glass food jars to replace the old Vacola jars.

Liz and Morgan worked in the Spirit House for three months, beginning in February 2006. They swapped thousands of specimens out of the old Vacola jars and into the new screw-finish food jars. A polyethylene plug was inserted into the neck of each jar to reduce evaporation of the alcohol.

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