Image: Egg case of a Draughtboard Shark

Egg case of a Draughtboard Shark

Egg case of a Draughtboard Shark found washed up on a beach in Tasmania.

Victor Belbin
© Victor Belbin

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Mark McGrouther - 8.02 AM, 22 February 2010

Hi Michelle, Is it possible to send an image to me?  Thank you, Mark.

tomishy - 10.02 AM, 20 February 2010
Hi, We live in Stanley Tasmania. This morning i found an intact egg case(normally they are pieces). It is a dark grey in colour - was wondering if someone could tell us why it would be a different colour to the above picture. Thanks
Amanda Hay - 1.11 PM, 10 November 2009

Certainaly looks like the Draughtboard Shark egg to me too. On the species page Mark has written "Females lay distinctive flask-shaped egg cases that have 19 to 27 strong transverse ridges". Neat way to ID a shark egg case.

rasta - 8.10 PM, 27 October 2009
We found a draught board shark egg on the 26/10/09 it is 9cms long and max width is 42 millimetres on 13th beach Barwon heads Victoria at the high tide mark after a south east swell at 4 to 5ft.

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