Image: Dragonet at Second Valley

Dragonet at Second Valley

A Dragonet, Bovichtus angustifrons, photographed at night, at a depth of 4 m, Second Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, February 2010.

David Muirhead
© David Muirhead


David reported that "The dragonet was easily 20 cm long, perhaps as much as 24 cm - I doubt I've seen a bigger one ever -and the image is fairly 'true' in viewer orientation terms in that to take this photo my line of gaze was partly horizontal, partly upwards.

I had to take time to carefully position myself, with my legs 'wedged'/anchored in the cave entrance then contort my neck etc so as to angle my housing with strobe inwards and upwards.

Basically the fish is very nearly completely upside down, truly unsupported on cave's roof near the back of cave, and with head angled only slighly downward, presumably to conform w the slight slope of cave's roof."

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