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Dr Walter Ivantsoff

Dr Walter Ivantsoff was an Australian Museum Research Associate until 2016.  This photo was taken in August 2007.

Walter Ivantsoff
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B.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Employed by Macquarie University from 1968 to 2000.
  • Presently Senior Research Fellow of the University

Walter Ivantsoff’s association with the Australian Museum began in the early 1970's when the then Director, Dr. Frank Talbot agreed to supervise his Ph.D. candidature.

Walter has participated in a number of expeditions conducted by the Museum’s Fish Department to collect fishes in many parts of Australia. He also helped to teach a course called Biology of Fishes with Dr. John Paxton, (Australian Museum Senior Fellow) first and then took over the course from him at Macquarie University. He has also contributed fishes he collected to the Museum.

Walter has mostly worked on atherinids, blue-eyes, flowers of the wave and to a lesser extent on their relatives such as the rainbowfishes and sailfin silversides.

Research Interests

  • Australian marine and freshwater Atherinidae - Craterocephalus
  • Pacific atherinids of the genera Atherinomorus, Hypoatherina, Stenatherina
  • Atherinidae
  • Isonidae

Contact details

Department of Biological ScienceS
Macquarie University
NSW 2109
P.O. Box 3753
Marsfield NSW 2112

Phone: (612) 041 299 3912

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