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Dr Raymond Wilson

Raymond Wilson contemplating the Georges River.

Raymond Wilson
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Dr Wilson is a professor in the Marine Biology Degree Program at CSU Long Beach, where he teaches ichthyology and genetics. His research is on the population genetics (mitochondrial DNA) of gobies that have recently colonised the estuaries of both California and south-eastern Australia, presumably from Japan. Those species include the Yellowfin Goby Acanthogobius flavimanus, and the Chameleon Goby Tridentiger trigonocephalus, among others.

During a sabbatical leave from CSU Long Beach between September and December, 2003, Dr Wilson worked with Australian ichthyologists and fishery biologists pursuing collections of the invasive gobies from the Hawkesbury, Parramatta, and Georges Rivers in New South Wales, and the Yarra River in Victoria.

The mitochondrial DNA of the collected Australian specimens are being sequenced in Long Beach and compared with DNA sequences obtained previously from Japanese and Californian specimens, to better understand the genetic histories of the twin invasions and to determine their common elements.

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