Image: Dr Keiichi Matsuura, 2006

Dr Keiichi Matsuura, 2006

Dr Keiichi Matsuura examining spikefish specimens, November 2006.

Mark McGrouther
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Dr Keiichi Matsuura is Head of Collections and Chief Curator in the Division of Fishes at the National Science Museum, Tokyo.

Keiichi visited the Australian Museum from 17 November until 24 November, 2006. During his visit, he examined specimens of Spikefishes and Sunfishes stored in the research collection.

Spikefishes (family Triacanthodidae) are small bottom dwelling fishes that occur in continental slope depths in tropical and subtropical waters of the Western Atlantic and Indo-Pacific. Some species, such as those in the genus Halimochirurgus have greatly elongated, tubular snouts.

Despite the huge size of adult Sunfishes, there is still much to learn about the taxonomy and biology of these fishes. Keiichi is using specimens in the Australian Museum collection to improve our knowledge of this family.

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