Image: Dr Charlie Huveneers

Dr Charlie Huveneers

Charlie Huveneers in the fish collection with a White Shark jaw. Despite how it looks in the photo, Charlie does not have long hair. The brown thing behind his neck is a sea fan hanging on the wall in the background.

Mark McGrouther
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Charlie visited on 2 May, 2014. He is based at the School of Biological Sciences at Flinders University, where he leads the Southern Shark Ecology Group. One of his current project aims to assess trends in the population size of White Sharks since protection in the late 1990s.

During his visit, Charlie took small tissue samples from 3 White Shark jaws and has previously obtained genetic samples from other White Shark specimens within the collection.

The project is being undertaken with the collaboration of the CNRS (French research institute), CSIRO and the Fox Shark Research Foundation. Funding is being provided by Save our Seas Foundation and Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation.

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