Image: Dot Dot Painting Crickets - Aaron Fanous

Dot Dot Painting Crickets - Aaron Fanous

I took this photograph in the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, NT by bending around the subjects and manually zooming and focusing. I found the subjects on one of the giant 'marbles'. The Ranger later told me that the larger one would have been a female cricket carrying a smaller male on her back; possibly a mating behaviour.

Aaron Fanous
© Aaron Fanous

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craig.stace - 12.06 AM, 08 June 2011
Hello, Living at a remote mine site Woodie Woodie I've had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful Dot Dot Painting Cricket. The Pilbara region has many insects I've never seen before in my life. With my excitement I have 3 close up pictures if your interested. Anyway in my excitement. Have a great week.

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