Image: Director Frank Howarth

Director Frank Howarth

Director Frank Howarth talking to the Volunteers!

Stuart Humphreys
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rbk - 11.07 AM, 03 July 2011
Hi Frank, I heard your interesting talk on stromatolites today on ABC 702. I wanted to add a comment on their page but it didn't allow me to. My comment is that I can understand how some human-induced changes could affect these ancient creatures, e.g. pollution. But sea-level rise? And climate change? I would have thought that over last 3.5 (?) BILLION years there have been huge changes in climate and sea-level before humans ever arrived on the scene. If stromatolites have survived all of that then I'm confident they'll survive any future sea level rises or falls. Estimates of future rises that I've read are in the order of a metre or so over 100 years. But charts of sea level that I've see have changes in hundreds of metres over periods of thousands and millions of years -- they don't show billions! There's a lot of finger-pointing at odd statements made by climate-change "deniers", but I was wondering if you could let me know if there's something wrong with my thoughts here as I find it quite curious? Many thanks, Rod

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