Image: Cunjevoi Illustration

Cunjevoi Illustration

Cunjevoi can form large colonies on rock platforms. They have a hard outer coat that is often covered in green and brown algae. Cunjevoi have a cylinder-shaped body with two openings at the top. They can grow up to 30 cm in height.

Andrew Howells
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Cunjevoi live on rocky shores in Australia. They are found on reefs and rock platforms and wharf pylons. Cunjevoi are found in waters up to 12 m deep.

Cunjevoi eat plankton. Cunjevoi take sea water in through one of the openings and remove all plankton from it. The plankton is moved to the stomach. Unwanted water is passed out through a second opening.

People fishing use Cunjevoi for bait. Orange Tritons eat Cunjevoi.

Cunjevoi are sometimes called sea squirts because they can spray a jet of seawater out of their body when squeezed. Cunjevoi belong to a group of animals called Tunicates.

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