Image: Coxs River - Backpack Electrofishing

Coxs River - Backpack Electrofishing

Mark McGrouther using a backpack electrofisher to collect fishes from the Cox's River.

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Between 1995 and 1998, the Fish Section was involved in a long-term monitoring program of an area of the Coxs River near Lithgow, New South Wales.

The sampling was undertaken using a variety of collecting methods.  The image shows one of them.  The backpack electrofisher sends a variable strength electric current through the water between a ‘rattail’ wire (not visible) that trails in the water behind the operator and a ring on the end of a pole. Contractions within the musculature of fishes within the electric field results in fishes swimming towards the end of the pole, where they can be netted. Needless to say, it is vital that the operator (and anyone else in the water) wears waders!

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