Image: Convuvulus Hawk moth

Convuvulus Hawk moth

Hawk moth on flowering gum.

Sally Capell
© Sally Capell
Central NSW
Date taken:
4 January 2011


This is a widely distributed species in Australia and overseas.The adult Convolvulus Hawk-moth is grey with a light and dark pattern on the wings. The abdomen has pink patches on the side of each segment. They can hover in flight, and they have a long haustellum, which is extended to suck nectar when they hover over a flower. When threatened, the moths show the bright coloured bars on the abdomen. Caterpillars are green when they hatch with a straight tail horn. Later instars can become either green or dark brown. They have pale diagonal stripes along the sides, a backward curved horn on the tail and vertical stripes on the head.

Wingspan 8cm.

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