Image: Common Brown Butterfly

Common Brown Butterfly

Male Common Brown Butterfly

Christine Davis
© Christine Davis
Stannum, NSW
Date taken:
18 November 2010


The Common Brown Butterfly is active in spring and summer when there is sunshine and plenty of flowers to feed on.This butterfly is found in south-eastern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania.


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Melissa Murray - 10.08 AM, 04 August 2011

Thanks David, enjoy exploring and sending us the images.


David Spencer Muirhead - 4.12 PM, 15 December 2010
As per my earlier comment today but I failed to submit image and now wish another try!

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David Spencer Muirhead - 3.12 PM, 15 December 2010
I'll now try sending an image of a male common brown butterfly taken in my garden at Normanville SA last week,purely as evidence to confirm my initial comment (and in the knowledge I don't have to prove anything here,it's been in various Butterflies of SA books since I was a child,but I like playing w my camera anyway and always glad to be of assistance to ausmus' team and interested public!)
David Spencer Muirhead - 7.11 PM, 24 November 2010
Also is a very common butterfly in SA,(as I'd already pointed out some months ago!)particularly throughout the Mount Lofty Ranges but much more widespread coastally and subcoastally also.

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