Image: Comb, Solomon Islands E66159

Comb, Solomon Islands E66159

Local name: faa

Provenance: Malaita Province, Solomon Islands, Polynesia, Pacific

This ornamented comb was made by the Kwaio People in central Malaita Island. Decorated combs were only worn by men in the Solomon Islands. The wood for the comb may have come from an éa tree fern. The wickerwork is called boré and, traditionally, was woven using the wing bones of flying foxes. Mrs Edith Campbell donated the comb to the Museum in 1974. It had been in her family since 1919. Mr and Mrs Campbell donated over 300 artefacts to the Museum.

Description: twenty-nine long thin, dark brown tapered wooden prongs forming a slightly curved comb; comb tapered shape with flattened end; half of comb held together with thin strips of woven, plant fibre creating two geometric designs; middle section red and yellow woven design leaving four dark brown sections of prongs uncovered; end section thin yellow strips woven into prongs creating geometric design.

Height: 1.5cm; Length: 20.5cm; Width: 7.2cm

Emma Furno
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