Image: Collar Seahorse, Hippocampus jugumus

Collar Seahorse, Hippocampus jugumus

A Collar Seahorse taken from the stomach of a kingfish caught at a depth of 100 m. The seahorse was still alive when it was removed from the gut of the larger fish.

Ian Kerr
© Ian Kerr


Rudie Kuiter wrote "The species has 2 more trunk rings than most seahorses and the spines on the head are usually double, almost V-like from the base. Colour is probably reddish and it may live in the red algae patches at moderate depths. In clear water algae is still common at 100 m."

Thank you very much to Scott Wilson for collecting the fish and to Ian Kerr and Jimmy Maher for saving the specimen. Once preserved, it will be only the second specimen of the species (after the holotype) in the Australian Museum Ichthyology Collection.

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