Image: Cicada-killer wasp

Cicada-killer wasp

Cicada-killer wasp, genus Exeirus

Andrew Donnelly
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Dc transport - 10.02 PM, 02 February 2012
My 6 year old son got stinged by them in his first day at school today in furntree gully victoria, I've never seen them before & was amazed how big & nice it was. Well my son got stinged while just playing around after school in the play ground & it got him in the hand, he was crying in pain but after 30 minutes the pain just disappeared. After we went back to check the hornet what it was it up to, the thing killed a huntsman spider & it was dragging it to its nest I think which was a big black rubber mat, I lifted the mat but it wasn't there but I did noticed a small hole on the ground which I think it must of like buried it self & spider under the ground.
PF - 5.03 PM, 29 March 2011
I have yet to see one of these in Victoria. They are apparently harmless to people, unless you go out of your way to disturb them. Their nests can be found in lawns and at times almost take over some areas. Their abdomen carries the same stripes as the far more aggressive and invasive European wasp.

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