Image: Chestnut-eared Chaeropus - Chaeropus castanctis

Chestnut-eared Chaeropus - Chaeropus castanctis

Gould's names: Chaeropus castanctis, Chestnut-eared Chaeropus
Current names: Chaeropus ecaudatus, Pig-footed Bandicoot

Australian Museum Photography
© Australian Museum Research Library
H.C. Richter for John Gould
© Australian Museum Research Library


Last sighting 1907

An early Australian Museum curator who was short on rations while out in the field wrote: 'they are very good eating, and I am sorry to say that my appetite more than once overruled my love for science.'
Gerard Krefft.

Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten, A Gap in Nature, 2001

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