Image: Carving, Papua New Guinea E61463

Carving, Papua New Guinea E61463

Provenance: Maprik district, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Pacific

This carved and painted board may have been attached to a family shrine, hung in a community longhouse or tied to the stern of a canoe. Such boards usually represent a spirit. This particular board was collected in 1964 during the Australian Museum's Sepik River Expedition.

Description: elaborately carved, wooden board; carved and coloured front side, back side plain; overall elongated triangular shape with curved base; coloured black, white, yellow and red; decoration includes five inward-facing, long beaked birds, one anthropomorphic figure with striking face; other painted decoration includes triangles of black and white herringbone design; 12 black areas deliniated with white dots; eight holes.

Height: 2cm; Length: 87.5cm; Width: 30cm

Emma Furno
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