Image: Butterflyfish larva

Butterflyfish larva

A 6 mm long butterflyfish larva, most likely a species of Chelmon or Coriadon. The fish was caught on an incoming tide in a surface-towed plankton net (250 µm mesh, 2 m long, 600 mm diameter mouth) just inside the mouth of the Richmond estuary at Ballina, New South Wales, 7 September 2011.

Daniel Bucher
© Daniel Bucher


The trawl was conducted as part of a Southern Cross University student unit for the Bachelor of Marine Science and Management degree.

Thank you to Jeff Leis for identifying the fish.

Leis, J.M. and B.M. Carson-Ewart. (editors). 2004. The larvae of Indo-Pacific coastal fishes. An identification guide to marine fish larvae. (Fauna Malesiana Handbooks 2). Soft cover edition. E.J. Brill, Leiden. Pp. 870.

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