Image: Bush Rat

Bush Rat

Bush Rat, Rattus fuscipes

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heathero - 9.03 AM, 03 March 2012
I would like to know how common is the bush rat in Sydney's Inner West, can you help me.
viki-63 - 8.07 AM, 18 July 2011
I'm a wildlife carer in the Liverpool area, I was called to rescue a small mammal Friday night (15.7.11), it turned out to be a rat. It does not look like the common feral rat we normally get around here. It looks more like the Bush Rat in the photo on this site. Could you please help identify it? It measurements were: Head: 52mm Tail: 150mm. The tail when bent back over the body just reached the back of the head. Rear Foot: 40mm Over all body: 210mm It was a male and died not long after rescue

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billmo - 5.10 PM, 13 October 2010
I'm pretty sure that the rats we've been catching lately are bush rats but would you please take a look at the pics and confirm. We live far north coast NSW. Tks

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