Image: Brunnaega tomhurleyi Wilson, 2011

Brunnaega tomhurleyi Wilson, 2011

Fossil isopods found on a fossil fish skeleton

G.D.F. Wilson
© Australian Museum
G.D.F. Wilson
© Australian Museum
part of fossil specimen South Australian Museum registration number P45652


WILSON, G. D. F., PATERSON, J. R. and KEAR, B. P. 2011. Fossil isopods associated with a fish skeleton from the lower Cretaceous of Queensland, Australia - direct evidence of a scavenging lifestyle in Mesozoic Cymothoida. Palaeontology, 54, 1053-1068.

Additional information

Brunnaega tomhurleyi Wilson, sp. nov. Holotype and paratype at coordinates x152 y068 (SAM P45652) in dorsal view,
with part of a third specimen exposed underneath the holotype.  Scale bar represents 1 mm.

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