Image: Boobook Owl

Boobook Owl

Boobook Owl, Ninox novaeseelandiae undulata Norfolk Island Sub-species

J Hicks
© Australian Museum

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anotherspecialist - 3.04 PM, 29 April 2010
Thank you so much for the permission
Ondine Evans - 9.04 AM, 28 April 2010

Hi again. I have referred your request back to our photo editor - there has been some issue with the copyright on this image, but we hope to resolve it soon and will reply to you via email. We apologise for any mixup.

Some background: many of our images came from a collection of images (called Nature Focus) that were made up of donations plus those for which we had to charge usage rights. Sometimes the copyright information we have in our system is not clearly defined. We are currently working through the backlog of images to make sure that we have the right information with each one and that we are confident to say yes (or no) to re-use requests.

anotherspecialist - 4.04 PM, 24 April 2010
please reply to my question that I emailed back to you. Just wondering why my site is not right for your image to be posted on it. It's a good cause and a great reference point for research as well.
Ondine Evans - 9.04 AM, 13 April 2010

Hi there - please use our Image or content contact form to request usage permission for this image.

anotherspecialist - 8.04 PM, 04 April 2010
To whom it may concern, Requesting permission to use this photo on my website

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