Image: Blue Ant, Diamma bicolor

Blue Ant, Diamma bicolor

Blue Ant, Diamma bicolor

Andrew Donnelly
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cathymac - 11.06 PM, 25 June 2011
I took a great photo of what I thought was a pretty ant. Very interesting to discover she is actually a wasp. I often hear crickets in the ground on my property and given the gruesome habit of the Blue Ant that makes sense. Mine is living in the Upper Blue Mountains so she obviously doesn't mind the cold. I will be on the lookout for more.
Stirling - 9.11 PM, 27 November 2010
A striking species. I found an example at Mt Beckworth, 30km north of Ballarat, in October 2010. The extraordinary habit of this (solitary) species is to hunt excitedly all the time. It measures approximately 30-35mm and compares to the bullant but is much stockier. Diamma bicolor is one of my favourites.

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