Image: Blacksaddle Goatfish and cleaner shrimp

Blacksaddle Goatfish and cleaner shrimp

A Blacksaddle Goatfish and cleaner shrimp photographed during a night dive at a depth of 24 m, Halifax Park, New South Wales.

David & Leanne Atkinson
© David & Leanne Atkinson

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Mark McGrouther - 2.02 PM, 24 February 2010

Hi Sascha,  I didn't approve your expert status for nothing!  Thanks for pointing that out.  You are quite right.  It just shows that I should pay more attention when I move pages from the old site to the new.  I've edited and moved the image so it is viewable on the Blacksaddle Goatfish page.  Thanks again, Mark

Sascha Schulz - 6.02 PM, 23 February 2010

Are we sure this is U. lineatus and not Parupeneus spilurus

The head shape is too sloped when compared to U. lineatus,

the eye width into snout length ration seems too high,

the barbels too short (extend to origin of pelvic fin in U. lineatus),

and the yellow/gold edging and pink/purple central marking of the scales all suggest P. spilurus to me...


Could be wrong.  Resting vs active behaviour driven colouration changes can be suprising.


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