Image: Black Marlin taking a lure

Black Marlin taking a lure

A Black Marlin taking a lure off Sydney, New South Wales, January 2014.

Peter Somogyi
© Peter Somogyi


Dr Julian Pepperell confirmed that the fish was a Black Marlin.  He stated, "The dorsal is fairly high, but still only around half the depth of the body; maybe a tad more. The pectoral fins are the shape of half crescents, and are held down at an angle, suggesting they're fixed (blues may hold fins out, but usually at right angles). Lastly, what adds to my confidence is the presence of Penella sp parasites in some numbers on its flank. Black marlin very often have such infestations, but I have never seen a blue with any more than one or two (usually none), and the species on blues are always much smaller. It's not a striped marlin (even though it has stripes), since the dorsal fin is way too low and the wrong shape."

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