Image: Balinese painting E74214B

Balinese painting E74214B

This ider-ider painting is probably from the late 19th century and it may be the work of Kamasan artist, Sambug. It was collected by Anthony Forge from the temple of the dead Pura Dalem Bugbugan in Gelgel, Klungkung District in 1972-73. Size: 37x741cm

This scene shows the Calonarang’s anger with King Erlangga. Many sinister characters are mobilised to spread death and sickness throughout the land. There are female sorcerers Leyak with fire coming from their joints and tongues; monkeys, an owl and a male evil creature with a long tongue and fangs. To the right are shown family rituals of farewell to corpses wrapped in cloth. One of the mourners is shown vomiting. Bodies wrapped in white cloth are carried to the cemetery on biers. One peasant carries a multi-pronged hoe to dig the graves. The cemetery is indicated by bones lying about and by the tree.

Emma Furno
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