Image: Balinese Painting E74211A

Balinese Painting E74211A

This ider-ider painting, nearly six meters long, is to be read from left to right. The painting was collected from a temple at Takmung, Klungkung District, Bali. Size: 26 x 570 cm.

This first scene shows Tantri, possibly about to begin telling a story. She is sitting on the bed of the King, who is depicted in a royal headdress. On the floor at the foot of the bed is Tantri’s female servant.


An ider-ider painting in Bali is designed to be hung and attached under the eaves of a pavilion in a palace temple. It is wrapped around the outside of the pavilion and the story is normally presented in a series of scenes from left to right. Scenes may be presented in the reverse order when the painting is used for rituals associated with death, or when hung in a Pura Dalem, death temple.

Emma Furno
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