Image: Around the Boree Log Book - 1921

Around the Boree Log Book - 1921

My significant cultural object is a book first printed in 1921 called 'Around the Boree Log'. The book is filled with old poems that were set in the Australian bush. The author was a priest who wrote for his own amusement, all the characters are Irish settlers in Australia.
The main poem in the book is called 'Church UponThe Hill' and on the front cover is a picture of a church with many smartly dressed people around it. The closest person is a man on a horse riding to church. Just in front of him is a horse and carriage, sitting at the front are a man and woman with five children sitting behind.
Another poem significant to me is Said Hanrahan. My great, great, great grandfather’s name was William Hanrahan, the Hanrahan talked about in the poem was one of his many cousins.

Olivia (Year 6)

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